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Adjustments Essential to Live Poker

What makes poker so beautiful is its unpredictability. Anything can happen in the game, and it usually does. 

When players first stumble across the game of poker, and decide that they want to improve, they are certain that there is a winning formula. Just ask the top players in the world how they got there and tread in the same sunken footsteps. 

But it is often difficult for the top professionals to explain exactly how they do the things that they do, and this is because of the unpredictability of the game. If you want to be a top professional, then you need to learn to adjust.

When players make the transition from online poker to live poker, they often fail to make the correct adjustments. 

Online poker is far more robotic, and there are a lot of unwritten rules that people follow. For example, I have ace-jack in the big blind with 15BB and the button has just flatted a cutoff raise, so I must jam. 

In live poker, there is so much more information available to you, and so it would be a big error to try and follow rules. Instead you have to adjust. Who is the player on button? Is he old or young? What does his flat mean? Is the player loose or tight? 

Making adjustments is imperative. There is no one size fits all strategy in poker. Pay attention to every little nuance, especially when you are playing live poker, and make the correct play based on the information available in that particular hand. Do not search for the poker rulebook because it doesn’t exist.


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Adjustments essential to Live Poker